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Investment Property Owners: Protect Yourself by Encouraging Your Tenants to Get Renters Insurance     Aprilyn Chavez Geissler Contrary to popular belief, renters insurance covers more than just your tenant’s personal property.  It protects you, the landlord! READ MORE >>

Home Safety Tips       Keep car keys next to your bed while you sleep Plant thorny shrubs, such as rosebushes, beneath ground-floor windows If you’re going away on vacation, ask a neighbor to check daily for flyers stuck in your front door READ MORE >>

Buying Homeowners Insurance     Aprilyn Chavez Geissler So you’re buying a home.  Here are some tips you need to know about purchasing homeowners /hazard insurance. When purchasing a home it’s important to secure your insurance as soon as possible. READ MORE >>

When you find out you’re going to have a baby, there are a million things you start thinking about, from seeing your first picture of him on the ultrasound, to planning what color scheme you want for his room. What you don’t think about is life insurance. At least I didn’t. READ MORE >>

    Everyone please take your seats. There will be plenty of time to talk with your friends after class. Today, I will highlight some of the different types of permanent life insurance. We have a lot to go through in one short class period. So, please pay close attention and don’t disrupt unless you have a serious question. READ MORE >>

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